Second Avenue Clearance

Second Avenue Clearance is a Fashion Outlet Centre. Today manufacturers of fashion work about 6 to 9 months ahead of the season. In March they are showing fall and in September they show spring. Retail customers look at lines and place orders. Sometimes during those 9 months things change. Retailers go out of business, the retail owner sells and the manufacturer is left with goods they made and no retailer to ship to.

These manufacturer will call Second Avenue Clearance and offers goods at a discount prices. Every garment in our store starts at 50% off. At present we clear for over 40 manufacturers from Canada and the USA. We assure all goods are of high quality and that they represent good value at their original selling price. Therefore when these fashions are 50% off, our customers receives outstanding value for the fashion dollar.

Anna Zhang, Owner
Office: +1 (250) 752-8780
Fax:     +1 (250) 752-8780